The Limit: Life and Death in Formula Ones Most Dangerous Era

The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit
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Limit - E-bok - Michael Cannell () | Bokus

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Read the full article. They also lost drivers hitting poles on feencing and had several die from the horrible condition known as Basilar fracture where your head separates from the spine. All due to no run off areas and a concrete walls at the end of a fast straight. Spaulding spaulding 11th January , Whether it makes sense or not, alot of drivers in the past have been resistant to improved safety.

Dale Earnhart was vehemently against the HANS device or any other similar device while he was alive yet the injury that killed him, a basal spinal fracture, would have never happened if he was wearing one. Even the fans are resistant to some of the changes, like safety fencing, because it takes away from the excitement of the race. Even the teams were resistant to changes like getting rid fo the highly flammable magnesium tubs.

Until recently, the only people who ever really forced safety in motorsport were the non-viewing public and the people in charge of the sport. BasCB bascb 11th January , Looks like an interesting addition to any dedicated F1 library. Thanks for the review Keithcollantine , otherwise I would have probably missed hearing about this book.

I think Dale Earndharts collision was measured at 65mph. AndrewTanner andrewtanner 12th January , Sounds like a good read.

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The Limit: Life and Death in Formula One's Most Dangerous Era by Michael Cannell (Hardback, 2011)

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