MS Office 2010 Shortcuts

Microsoft Office 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts
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Office Customizing keyboard shortcuts for advanced find options Ask Question.

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Office 2010 Productivity Tips: Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts

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Make commonly used tasks easier with custom hotkeys

The Overflow for October 4, Einstein Analytics and Go. Featured on Meta. Word shortcut keys.

Quick Reference for this Page Shortcut keys or keyboard shortcuts provide the fastest and easiest way to perform many tasks, especially tasks that you need to perform repeatedly. Search Office Sites You can search the websites that have the most useful and valuable information about using Microsoft Office products by using the Search Office Sites search box in the banner. Spreads all the lines in the current paragraph or selected paragraphs across the entire width between the margins.

Microsoft Office Word 2010 Shortcut Keys [Tips]

Toggles between showing only the first line of each paragraph and showing all the text in an outline in outline view. Resets the font formatting to the default font formatting of the applied style.

Selects text that will be moved to the cursor location when Enter is pressed. Selects text that will be copied to the cursor location when Enter is pressed.

7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Changes the text to all capital letters, to all small letters, or to a capital letter at the beginning of every word. Extends the selection. To collapse an extended selection, press Esc and move the cursor.

Moving Around in a Document

Selecting Normal will change the shortcut in the application, and selecting the document will affect the document alone. Microsoft Visio Basic Introduction. So if you would like to find out more about using Word and getting the most from it, do have a look at attending one of our courses such as the Microsoft Word Office Users course. How to Modify Shortcuts in Office Step 1: KeyTips for tabs are allocated automatically by the software, including for the customized tabs. In fact, many of these keys are consistent across all Windows applications. Initially, KeyTips for tabs are visible. The image shown above is the ribbon interface used in Microsoft Excel

For more information about how to use the F8 key to extend a selection, see Using the F8 Key. Converts the selected text to a field code and adds the special curly brackets that are part of the field code. Inserts a style separator and combines with the next paragraph inserts a style separator and hides the paragraph break.

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The new kid in town, Microsoft Office inherits most of the keyboard shortcuts from its predecessor, Office , with some enhancements. Word keyboard shortcuts for U.S. keyboard layout. Newer versions Office This table shows the most frequently used shortcuts in Microsoft Word.

For more information about how to use a style separator, see Using a Style Separator. Increases the numbering level in a multilevel list.

MS Word Shortcut Keys Part-1-Microsoft Word shortcut keys a to z in Hindi

In outline view, demotes the selected text to the next lower outline level. Decreases the numbering level in a multilevel list.