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Sports And Games. Escape winter with a look at some of Wisconsin's favorite sports and games. Living The Wisconsin Life. For most B-to-B loyalty programs, the short-term incentives are traditionally financial, but long-term goals should focus on building relationships between providers and buyers. Within that framework, what should the ideal B-to-B loyalty program look like so that it's attractive to buyers and delivers results for sellers?

Digital Marketing Report, Q2 It also provides insight into major digital trends including share of traffic for search engines, digital platforms, and across devices.

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Connected Loyalty. In this paper, we cover how brands can successfully implement connected loyalty by understanding and leveraging consumer behaviors and expectations, integrating CRM into the loyalty ecosystem, personalizing for in-the-moment engagement, and connecting all interaction channels.

A disconnect with hotel loyalty programs has left an opening for online travel agencies to build loyalty with leisure travelers left in the cold. By democratizing hotel loyalty programs to appeal to members beyond the top 20 percent, hotel brands can form profitable and sustainable relationships with loyal leisure travelers. While addressable advertising and personalized experiences represent point-in-time interactions, CRM and loyalty hold the inbound and outbound efforts together as one cohesive customer journey, with plans and programs that stimulate ongoing demand within your own customer base.

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We have employed a framework by which companies can begin to think about how to implement a successful loyalty program, use it as a blueprint for an implementation methodology that ensures success, and use that same framework to scorecard their success over time as the program evolves. Technology is giving modern marketers the ability to create more meaningful moments than ever, across every channel, every device, at any point in time — all uniquely designed for a specific, real person.

All brands need strong and relevant segment-marketing with media and content that is hyper-personal, created from data the brand collects over time, and communicating messages that are hyper-relevant to the consumer. But what media and content is more hyper-relevant to us than how much "currency" we have with a brand, and how that brand allows us to utilize that currency? Dossier is a journal filled with original articles on the most relevant topics in digital marketing.

This edition provides actionable insights on topics that include paid and organic search, loyalty, and multi-channel co-op marketing. In this webinar, we'll walk through the key takeaways of The Great Loyalty Reset report.

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Not to mention the ether gobbled up in fees and lost utility due to network congestion from the seeding transactions. So, I would like to suggest a friendlier way to scatter tokens with a wide distribution using redeem-based Merkle Air Drops. By constructing a merkle root of all accounts and their balances, a complex token allocation can be deployed in a single contract transaction.

The entire allocation can be made public, allowing anyone to construct the merkle proof for their tokens and claim them against the contract. All that is necessary is a balance allocation JSON file which maps each account address to its allocated balance. Here is a quick demonstration which gave away over 2. The cost to deploy this Air-Drop was 90 cents and each account can claim their tokens for about 17 cents , when or if they wish to do so.

This is just a toy example of a Merkle Air-Drop , and other than my testing , I doubt there will be much demand for these tokens, and so all those unclaimed tokens will have no additional impact on the network or my costs. Of course, the source code can be easily modified to put additional constraints or effects in the redeem method, such as early bird specials, decaying rewards, required payments or any other interesting allocation gremlin.

To simplify claiming tokens, a small static website can be created which has access to the balance allocation JSON file , and computes the Merkle proof for each customer. She was careful never to boast about what had been regained.

But she also failed to instill in her people a sense of responsibility and solidarity for fellow Europeans. Her modest and moderate governance style, absent ideology and vanity, is the polar opposite of that of the strongmen now strutting the world stage. Merkel will be judged by what comes next.

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But she failed to prepare Germans sufficiently for what that means. On a sunny afternoon in June , Ms. Merkel was standing at the window of the chancellery in Berlin, waving to the crowd of soccer fans below who were making their way to a gigantic outdoor screen. The German team came third that year. Merkel has never been one for rousing speeches. Roll said. She never boasted that Germany got what it wanted after summit meetings though it mostly did. But as exports and domestic demand boomed, Germany prospered and so did Ms. Some say her status as a double outsider — a woman who had grown up in the East succeeding in a world of Western, mostly male politicians — ultimately changed Germany.

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Gregor Gysi, a fellow Easterner and political opponent from the Left party, said that spending half her life under Communism gave her a visceral thirst for freedom — but also made her more socially conscious than other Western conservatives. Over the decade that followed, she nudged her country and her conservative party to the left: New parents obtained generous new benefits, nuclear power was abandoned and same-sex marriage became legal.

It helped that she could be an incredibly skilled, even ruthless, tactician.

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Indeed, now in the third so-called grand coalition with the Social Democrats, Ms. It has also opened her own party to challenges on its right flank, leaving room for the emergence of the nationalist Alternative for Germany, which capitalized on her decision on asylum seekers.


In the summer of , as hundreds of thousands of migrants were pushing into Europe, and Hungarian and Austrian officials asked for her help, Ms. Merkel obliged. Germans lined the platforms, clapping as the migrant trains rolled in. In the throes of the migrant crisis, she showed neighboring countries a more generous Germany. It was a moment of redemption for her nation.

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GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Roland Drake is a future best-selling author, making his debut at Amazon! Any suggestions or feedback is always welcome, and feel free to follow me on Twitter for other updates to the random things I work on. Merkle dashed for the dugout without getting all the way to second base—his fatal mistake. Raw Blame History. Sign up.

Her decision won her admiration from far beyond her own political camp. Roth said. But it was not long before cracks started appearing at home. Alternative for Germany, founded in as a euroskeptic party at the height of the euro crisis, got its second wind in with the arrival of the migrants.

Three years later, the party is the third largest in the federal parliament and sits in all regional parliaments, too. It softened her image. But in her immediate neighborhood, coming deep in a lost economic decade, it did not quite have the healing effect she intended.