Land (Bloomsbury Reader)

Queer Bloomsbury, edited by Brenda S. Helt and Madelyn Detloff
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After the death of his two companions, Mawson's incredible resilience and determination carried him through what to most would have been certain death. In a period of excitement and heroic exploration, Mawson's story was sadly overshadowed by the tragedy of the Scott expedition, meaning that his great achievements were mostly overlooked by the general public in his lifetime.

First published in , This Accursed Land is a testament to the courage, strength and sacrifice of Mawson and his team.

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Do you know how much that hurts? Are we so worthless that the few books that do feature people of colour don't have covers with people of colour?

Australian author Larbalestier, who following a concerted online campaign last summer saw the cover of her novel Liar changed to reflect the ethnicity of its heroine, said that "sticking a white girl on the cover of a book about a brown girl is not merely inaccurate, it is part of a long history of marginalisaton and misrepresentation". It happens within a context of racism," she said. This is not merely about book covers.

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Julia arrives at Madeira with her infant son and his devoted nanny, and is soon set upon by a series of strange, sinister, but apparently unconnected events. However, their family were murdered by Nazis and their shtetl destroyed in the war. This is one series you won't want to miss. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Lawrence was too scarred by his experiences in Deraa and the Middle East for flippant talk or intimate contact. Visit the Australia site.

Fellow bloggers said they would be boycotting Bloomsbury over the move; others have been writing to the publisher to register their anger , not wishing to damage the career of debut novelist Dolamore. The author said she did "truly understand" why some people were upset by her cover, but asked readers to "give Nimira and her story a chance".

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O'Flaherty's thirteenth novel is about the Irish land uprisings during the time of in Co. Mayo during the early days of the 19th century Land War. Format: Paperback. Edition: 1st. Extent: ISBN: Imprint: Bloomsbury Reader. Illustrations: 8pp B&W photo plate section. Dimensions: x.

She told the Guardian that she had "originally considered making Nimira herself an ordinary sort of maid or governess", but decided that "it would be fascinating for her character to be [from] a far-flung land with its own sense of customs and history". Responding to the online uproar, Dolamore wrote on her blog that "Nimira is from a fictional land which is not meant to be a parallel to a specific country in our world".

I have no problem with anyone getting impassioned about a cause. But a writer is the only thing I've wanted to be all my life, it's an outlet for a girl who is often timid to express her soul.