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They often reach 71 cm 28 inches in total length but can grow much larger, for example to cm 45 inches. In the past, hunters and poachers killed the Maral deer virtually leading to extinction among this Altai sub-species but now the antlers are seen as a 'renewable' resource.

A good stag will produce new antlers for 15 or more years. The farm's website boasts: 'Extract from red deer antlers acts as a strong tonic, especially for men's potency. It strengthens the body's bones, muscles, teeth, eye sight and hearing, cures pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, joint pain, osteoporosis, and problems with the spine.

Relaxing in a blood bath, Larisa Pastukhova, 44, who runs a guest house offering baths to health tourists, is adamant about the health benefits of the baths.

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So now she is due to have another set of baths. Her husband Sergey Paskukhov, 49, said: 'I compare antlers to the human arm, with lots of blood inside - in fact, a lot more than the arm contains. He said: 'Deer blood is a Klondike of vitamins and amino acids; blood baths treat chondrosis, ease blood pressure, wipe away problems with joints, sort conditions like gastric ulcers and a number of heart and blood vessel complaints. Tradition: The antlers are heated and cooled by being dipped in and out of hot water in an age-old process to preserve them for export to traditional markets.

Business: Two farmers carrying a rack of antlers. Antlers and blood are exported to South Korea and other Asian countries for use in a range of traditional remedies. He claimed that young women 'say their skin and hair feel like velvet and silk after our baths. People suffering from hair loss find their hair grows back. It is literally a life-giving water.

He explained the ancient Russian tradition: 'Baths are taken with the deep red water temperature at 37C to 41C, from eight to 30 minutes depending on the bather's health. Awaiting the chop: This group are among 2, stags at Novotalitskoye Farm bred specially for their blood and antlers for remedy industry. A course of ten baths, one a day, is normal, but 'another option is a five-day course with baths in the morning and evening'. Most clients are said to be 'men of a certain age seeking to rejuvenate their sexual prowess'. The time has come to move to a different kind of medical treatment in a way that we don't need to traumatise animals in order to cure diseases.

We are supplying these products to Chinese and other Asian markets but the problem of killing and traumatising animals remains on our territory.

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Products made from antler blood are sold by traditional pharmacies all over Asia. Share this article Share. Shopping Bag :.

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Reserved for Giuseppe Zanotti. This item can be returned for any reason for Tradesy Site Credit. Use your credit to buy something that makes you happy. Just a heads up, purchases outside the U. Have a similar item? Sell Yours. You're in. Added to Shopping Bag. This Item Has Sold. Get notified when it's back Join Waitlist Waitlisted. I don't remember having my stomach pumped. When I woke up it was five days later. A big black lady kept tickling me. Turned out I was in the basement of a free clinic, a long room with rows of beds with all kinds of teenagers, pregnant girls, suicides, drug addicts.


We walked around in gowns, smoking cigarettes and watching TV. The reason I tried was I was angry at my mother, but when she came in she just said, "Why'd you do this -- to try to get attention? Goodbye, cruel world! Beat And goodbye, Cruller World!

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Hey guys, guess what! Keep on reading! How is everyone doing? I hope you are all fine. I am not fine, as you can no doubt tell by my hanging from the ceiling fixture. You are the ones who drove me to this. I was doing just fine until you assholes came along.

Hope you're happy now that I'm goddamn dead. Signed, the corpse in this room. Jimmy : Goodbye world! Earth : Okay, see you around, Jimmy! That's not what I thought he meant at all! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Goodbye, cruel lamp. Goodbye, cruel velvet drapes, lined with what would appear to be some sort of cruel muslin and the cute little pom-pom curtain pull cords.

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Listed by Lee's Closet. Novel Les Liaisons dangereuses original novel. Item added to your cart. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Pink skirts.

Cruel though they may be Male, 45 : My darling, May her guts rot in hell-I loved her so much. Single male, age 13 : I know what I am doing. Annette found out. Ask Cara. I love you all. What is a few short years to live in hell.