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67 - Where Delaware Met Pennsylvania (1): the Twelve Mile Circle
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Since the spiritual call was not fulfilled by humans, its terrible counter-image, its shadow, materialised. And Christian Rosenkreutz through his previous incarnation had been able to make himself such vessel: in fact since the dawn of history he has been the warden of the Sun Mysteries.

Then C. Through this initiation he became a Christophorus or Christian Rosycross. This is what should have happened if the Circle of the 12 in the Misraim Service could fulfil its mission in the First Goetheanum. The Misraim Service grade structure itself was also a path for man to recapitulate C. So as Christ was the 13th at the center of the Circle of the 12 Apostles and the circle of the 12 Knights of the Round; C.

Steiner himself was to be enlightened by C. Another key factor in this story is the place. In the small cupola there were 12 Thrones under the 12 Cosmic Columns: these represented the occult wisdom of the Circle of the Judith von Halle speaks about the original project of having Seven Mystery Dramas performed: but only four were ready before the disbanding of the Misraim Service in due to the First World War and the breaking if the Circle of the We again see the sevenfold stages of evolution in time and the twelvefold organisation of space.


The Circle of Twelve is the reference to the twelve individuals who inherited the time-traveler gene. The time travel gene comes from two lines of separate. "The Circle of Twelve was formed before most things began to be. The Circle was composed of twelve of the most powerful Druids on the face of Tarkus. Framas, Garolin, Talotin, Ronlin, Talimar, Magnas, Wontave, Butwik, Tenmakk, Sharnir, Lakmir and Turgor.

Since this was the second call, after the 30 Years War, Steiner considered the chance to be lost, and so the call spiritual world would recede and wait for a better time around years i. Each Class should have correspond to one of the 3 triads of 3 degrees, for a total of 9 stages. Rudolf Steiner himself on the verge of his passing the Threshold in gathered some of the closest friends and prominent member of the german Rosicrucian Circle where he was first initiated: they were the alchemist Alexander von Bernus and the writer Gustav Meyrink, telling them to assist the Anthroposophical Society in establishing the Second and Third Classes.

What would have happened through the final performing of the Seven Mystery Drama and the embodiment of the Christ Ego in the First Goetheanum? The ritual of the Circle of the 12 through the link to the etheric body of Christian Rosenkreutz would have been the climax where the renewed occult wisdom, the Anthropos-Sophia, would manifest through the representative of humanity in the center. The people who experienced the First Goetheanum would have reached for the vision of the Etheric Christ in a new, free and conscious way. This would have been the culmination of the New Mysteries foretold on the stage of the Ancient Mysteries in which theatre itself was sacred.

But this has not happened and instead of having the vision of the Etheric Christ around , we had the breaking of the Second World War and the horror of concentration camps. The shadow of the unheeded spiritual call, materialised again. Something deep and high happened in those times full of hope around the unique personality of Rudolf Steiner, the international role of the Misraim Service in Europe has been shrouded in silence and since forgotten.

The American Cancer Society's Inner Circle of Twelve Luncheon

But in the light of this occult event in history, we can understand this: the First Goetheanum was a huge Western Mystery Temple! From this we can infer clearly that he knew a great deal about the real purpose of the Goetheanum and the Mystery Dramas.


It is some 88m in maximum diameter, but, spread over two low-lying enclosed fields close to the road, its position disguises the noteworthy fact that this is the largest stone circle on the Scottish mainland and the fifth largest in Britain. The bronze figure dug up at the stone circle is in Dumfries Museum. SC Oblique aerial view of The Twelve Apostles centred on the excavation of the stone circle, taken from the S. The 12 apostles count them! There are therefore six different types of consciousness in the Buddhist system: eye-consciousness, ear-consciousness, smell-consciousness, taste-consciousness, touch-consciousness, and thought-consciousness. Disappointed, we all went to the park to worship our Father.

In this painting you can see the zodiacal signs positioned over the Zodiacal Column Capitals, which in reality were not included in the organic design of the Goetheanum designed by Steiner and Edith Maryon, a member of the Stella Matutina. Despite all the beautiful, genial and useful applications of Anthroposophy in the world for our future evolution there is danger that anthroposophy becomes completely exoteric.

The is a need to return to the esoteric core of Anthroposophy, and this core is not only the First Class but also the Second and Third Class which were ritual in character.

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This esoteric core will bring about the necessary balance in the relationship between the center and the periphery of the Anthroposophical Movement as a whole, by resolving its inner struggles, between the contending forces of Lucifer and Ahriman. The work should have functioned simultaneously in a cosmic, human and historical sense, and it would have unfolded thanks to the help of invisibile and visible Guides of humanity in a city of Central Europe. It would have been the realisation of a ritual, of which its entelechy, needed for the fatal moment of the history of humanity, required from the participants an absolute transcendence of the human element, and at the same time an act of courage to trespass the Threshold of the Spiritual World and establish a meeting there where it is possible, as a vehicle of vision, the peace profound.

It was in the years — The insufficiency of one of the 12 caused the failure of the rite and from the failure of this rite an altogether different outcome was born as a result, the First World War with all its consequences, which since some causes had not been removed would have worked as premises for the Second World War. Heindel published the Rosicrucian Cosmoconcetion in But it is only in in the 5th Lecture of the Fifth Gospel that Steiner acknowledges what happened with Heindel. So we can assume that until before they were still in a sort of agreement.

These would be the Esoteric Council.

The Twelve – Jesus’ Inner Circle

In Meakin writes a long letter to Baron Waleen, another S. Meakin gives a great deal of detail of the capital importance of the Misraim Service and its representatives in Europe. Only the chief of the Stella Matutina Robert Felkin was eventually admitted in the Circle of the 12 having been transmitted from the Steiner the Etheric Link to Christian Rosenkreutz, a ritual still performed to this day. Just after Felkin met with R. Steiner, the Theosophist, and was admitted to a meeting of what he considered the Third Order in the flesh [i.

Since he considered Steiner as his superior he reported to England that he now had the Grades and support of the Third Order. Some of his colleagues were still skeptical.

The Twelve Causes from the Circle of Becoming

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And only there does the state of Delaware stop, claiming the entire river and hemming in New Jersey. New Jersey has challenged this demarcation up to the Supreme Court in and , which refused to rule and instead reprimanded the states for even fighting about this. And yet, as recently as , a study was commissioned on the border dispute.

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